Saturday, May 19, 2007




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Dr. Susan Chu of the Flu Wiki has put together a remarkably well documented and impassioned plea to her (UK) government to consider the grave threat that an influenza pandemic would pose to the children of the world.


I consider it a `must read'.   It is her written response to the UK Department of Health “Invitation to Comment” on the government’s pandemic influenza draft framework and related guidance documents.  


While UK centric, much of what she writes pertains to the United States, and the rest of the world.


In it, she outlines what she believes are invalid assumptions and inadequate responses that place the lives of countless children at risk.


Although written with the clarity  and expertise of a medical doctor, this response is also written with the heart of a mother, one that has already experienced the heartbreak associated with the loss of a child.


The Wiki page can be accessed  here.


This paper should be read by all policy makers, pandemic planners, and parents.  While the message it contains is a grim one, it also an important one.


Anyone unfamiliar with the Wiki should also take time to peruse this excellent resource. It is the oldest, and arguably the largest, compendium of pandemic flu information on the net.

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