Thursday, April 22, 2010

Referral: Effect Measure On One Year Ago



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My absences from writing this blog over the past 4+ years have been few and far between, and nearly always due to my twice yearly treks to Missouri to see my Lyme specialist.  


As luck would have it, It exactly a year ago today that I was on a brief hiatus to see my doctor when the first reports of a strange, new swine flu began to emerge.  I managed to return by April 24th (see Playing Catch Up) and over the ensuing 6 days posted more than 70 updates to this blog.


Fortunately, other bloggers were well onto the story by the time I made it back, including Crof at Crofsblog and the Reveres at Effect Measure.


Revere takes a look back at those hectic early reports, and reminds us that the duty of public health agencies is to prepare for and prevent the worst case scenario.   


Read Effect Measure’s . . .


A year ago on the blog

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