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ECDC Epidemiological Update On Novel Coronavirus – Feb 13th


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For the second time in three days events have prompted the ECDC to release a new epidemiological update on the novel coronavirus that – until today – we’ve only seen acquired in the Middle East.


Earlier today, in HPA Confirms Locally Acquired Coronavirus Infection In UK, we learned that a family member of a man who recently returned from the Middle East with the virus has now been diagnosed with same infection.


The ECDC released an update on Monday of this week (see ECDC Update On Novel Coronavirus) with a table of 10 confirmed cases.  Today they update that table, and state that in view of the latest  human-to-human transmission they will be updating their risk assessment.


Epidemiological update: Case of severe lower respiratory tract disease associated with a novel coronavirus

13 Feb 2013


On 13 February 2013, the HPA announced that one family contact of the previously-confirmed case reported on 11 February was laboratory-confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus (NCoV). This second case from the same family was hospitalised on 9 February with a short history of respiratory symptoms. The patient has an existing medical condition that may make him more susceptible to respiratory infections. He does not have a recent travel history, and is currently receiving intensive care treatment.


The cases have been notified through the EU alerting system for communicable diseases.


This brings the total of laboratory-confirmed cases of severe pneumonia caused by the NCoV to eleven globally (see table below).


The information available suggests human-to-human transmission of the NCoV in this family cluster.


The HPA reports that surveillance of family, close contacts of the two patients and healthcare workers treating the two patients is ongoing, as per the UK National Guidelines. None are currently presenting with symptoms consistent with nCoV.


The HPA is also following-up regarding passengers who may have been exposed while flying with the case announced on 11 February 2013 and are in contact with the airline concerned.


In light of this human-to-human transmission of the NCoV within the family cluster, ECDC is now updating its risk assessment, previously published on 7 December 2012.





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