Sunday, October 19, 2014

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital’s Open Letter To The Community




# 9214


While we tend to think of Ebola in terms of the tragic number infected, and the number of deaths, the damage done by this epidemic also includes impacts on society, the economy, and even personal and corporate reputations. 


One small example – Yesterday ABC News reported that the Ebola Scare Turns Dallas Hospital Into a 'Ghost Town', a response to the initial misdiagnosis of America’s index imported Ebola case, and the subsequent infection of at least two hospital employees.


While there is no Ebola risk to the public by visiting this facility, for the time being, they – and that includes thousands of dedicated employees, and the community who depend upon the medical care offered there - are suffering the consequences. 


How long it will take to repair the public relations damage is hard to say – and probably depends on whether more employees turn up sick – but this morning the hospital took out a full page ad in the Dallas Morning News to apologize.


(Excerpt – read the entire letter here).

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