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Egyptian MOH Statement On Recent H5N1 Cases



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We’ve official confirmation from the Egyptian MOH this morning on the two H5N1 cases I wrote about yesterday (see Egyptian Media Reports 2 More H5N1 Cases), the 9th and 10th cases announced since the middle of November.


Meanwhile Arabic media this morning continues to report on additional `suspect’ cases undergoing testing, and the raising of local governorate alert levels, such as Emergency Minya after the death of a fourth case of bird flu.


The following is a machine translation.


Ministry of health: central laboratory analysis confirms two cases of HIV positive N5H1

Central laboratory analysis results confirmed by the Health Ministry two new infected with bird flu, a man, a 26-year-old from a village in Mallawi district of Minya, was suffering from fever, cough and shortness of breath after exposure to birds, have been isolated in hospital health insurance situation in Minya on 30/11/2014 and put on a ventilator in the same day, and was given Tamiflu, a drug sample to laboratory examination of Central Cairo, and a positive result on Tuesday 2014/2/12, and died the situation today 2014/1/12, and case No. 13 this year.

The second case is an old lady, a 33-year-old from parit buntar suhag governorate, and was suffering from fever, cough and shortness of breath and was isolated in a private hospital on 28/11/2014 and was given Tamiflu and converted to a Sohag on 29/11/2014 and the required sampling and sent to central laboratory in Cairo, have been confirmed experimentally as of 2014/2/12 the situation suffered from pneumonia and is on a ventilator and her condition is stable, and is a bird flu case No. 14 this year.

Thus the total number of cases of bird flu this year (14) the status of seven of them died, the Ministry of health to all contacts of the cases early screening if any symptoms at any of them.

And advises the Ministry of health and population of people who deal with poultry to go immediately to the nearest hospital to receive health service in case symptoms of the flu, since that had infected bird flu drug Tamiflu within the first 24 hours of the onset of symptoms increases the healing rates of disease and reduces death rates.

The Health Ministry also advised citizens who handle poultry safe dealing with poultry by covering the mouth and nose when handling poultry, wash hands with SOAP and water after handling birds and children not accompany poultry or slaughter premises as well as the need to separate the birds on the premises in the event of a death at home you should avoid poultry slaughtering the rest of the poultry, veterinary unit is notified immediately.

Source: Media Center

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