Friday, April 24, 2015

APHIS: 3 More Minnesota Farms Hit By HPAI H5N2, 1 In Wisconsin


HPAI H5 Detections In North America


# 9977


We seem to be getting into a pattern where individual states are announcing outbreaks, but those reports are taking a couple of days to show up on the USDA’s APHIS website. 


Case in point, as of yesterday Wisconsin was reporting 6 outbreaks, yet this evening’s APHIS update still only shows 4, and yesterday’s reported outbreak in Sac County, Iowa has yet to appear on their list. 


It may be that APHIS is waiting for full subtype information to to come back from the lab before posting.


In any event, APHIS announced three new outbreaks today in Minnesota, and one of the  Wisconsin cases we learned of yesterday morning.   Given the volume of testing going on - including ongoing surveillance of flocks within the quarantine zones surrounding infected farms - it is little wonder that the release of data is at times erratic.




Although the APHIS tally lists 7,837,073 bird now affected, there are a several farms where the numbers are still pending, and several other farms that the states have announced as being infected, but are not yet listed. 


All of which means the real number is probably in excess of 8 million birds by now, and still growing.

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