Monday, April 27, 2015

Third Ontario Farm Hit By HPAI H5




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Although Canada’s food Inspection Agency CFIA hasn’t exactly shouted the news from the highest rooftop, over the past several days their Avian Influenza Website has quietly updated a timeline and infected premises table showing a third Ontario farm has tested positive for the HPAI H5 virus.


Timeline of Events - Notifiable Avian Influenza - Ontario – 2015

April 24

The CFIA notifies national industry associations and key international trading partners of IP3.

April 23

The Animal Health Laboratory at the University of Guelph notifies the CFIA of the detection of presumptive H5 avian influenza at a turkey farm in Oxford County, Ontario. This is IP3.

The premises has been under quarantine since April 19, 2015 and is part of the second avian influenza control zone.

Samples from the affected farm are sent to the CFIA National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease (NCFAD) for official confirmation.



The last statement from the CFIA, released on the 22nd (see The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Establishes a Second Avian Influenza Control Zone) dealt with the second infected premises.  This morning, the Ottawa Sun and Toronto Sun are both carrying a report on this third infected farm.


Third Ontario farm hit with deadly bird flu


Megan Stacey, Postmedia Network

First posted: Monday, April 27, 2015 07:14 AM EDT | Updated: Monday, April 27, 2015 07:19 AM EDT

WOODSTOCK, Ont. -- The strain has begun to wear on Southwestern Ontario poultry farmers now battling a third case of deadly bird flu.

This one -- an 8,00-bird turkey farm -- is within a quarantine zone where heightened levels of biosecurity were meant to safeguard against the virus.

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