Saturday, May 30, 2015

Korean Statement On 13th MERS Case

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Overnight there have been media reports of a 13th MERS case in Korea, this morning we've the following (translated) statement indicating that the husband of a previously identified case (#12) has now tested positive.

Date 2015-05-30 [Last Updated: 2015-05-30]
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome adding one people occur, the cumulative 13 people
- 12th in the patient's spouse at B hospital care -

□ Department of Health and Human Services, today announced the test results Homers one additional case was confirmed as positive.

○ 12th patient today confirmed the patient's spouse (male, 49 years) caring for a spouse from 5.15 to 5.17 days in hospital B had since been admitted to the same hospitals with fever symptoms, make a final positive genetic test Homers It is, was transferred to a state-designated isolation wards.

□ Department of Health and Human Services is dispatched on-site response team (director, and overstated 2 1 team for 8 people) from 5.29 days in the B hospital premises, monitoring of the contact, and take measures such as rapid tests.

○ geumbeon case further testing is in progress, in addition to the cases it has continuously dedicated to the management.
○ self-isolation was lifted for six people gihayeo 5.30 days for the first 0:00 of close contacts.

Interestingly, and as an indication of the degree of tension in Korea due to this outbreak,  attached to this statement there is a warning to the public regarding the spreading of rumors.

         Rumors related matters advised
         Recent Comments portals and SNS mainly
Unconfirmed rumors are true or are recklessly wandering .
" For the time being XX do not go the hospital .XX hospital icu that do closing , I hope that yen hokyeona not going near the hospital .
""XX came out a little Homers virus now confirmed in the area very contagious those who are well . "
         " The airborne infection began . "

         " Dining out should not be outside, not even to be ferns are "

         " WHO 's actions proved Homers are not meaningful at all . "

Generating local and hospital patients , infections such as information referring to the articleInfection , treatments and information for the prevention of unidentifiedI tell the truth and no relationship at all .
Including patient care for patients with medical staff , patients and families who are classified as intimate contact, such as contact , home quarantine , hospital isolation are being managed through such , another patient who is safe and appropriate care was in the hospital Action was to receive .
In this way intentionally we will take strict measures to punish such right through the tree spread rumors about the investigation .
In addition , when the MER Suga doubt the Middle East, such as a fever after visiting Homers Hotline (043-719-7777) to report in , please .

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