Saturday, June 20, 2015

Korean MERS Cluster – No New Cases



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The slowdown in case reports from Korea continues with the Korean CDC report – issued a couple of hours later than usual last night – showing no new cases, no new deaths, and six more people recovered and discharged.


There are, however, 106 patients still hospitalized, and 14 of those are in unstable condition.

While undeniably good news, the incubation period of MERS is assumed to be up to 14 days (and some media reports have suggested longer in Korea), meaning that we’ll need a substantial string of zero days before we can begin to celebrate a successful end to this outbreak.



6.20, Mer (a respiratory disease in the Middle East) daily facts

-Increase the discharge change party 6. Vetting the pendulum ‧ deaths unchanged

-A total of 166 people, currently a pendulum that sprouted up during the treatment of 106 people (64%), 36 (22%) discharged, dead 24 persons (14%)

-The status of the active treatment of 106 patients with stable 91 (86%), 15 (14%)

-Vetting the pendulum type hospital patient 77 people (46%), family/Moon Byung-59 people (36%), hospital workers 30 people (18%)

<1> public address pendulum General status

□ Central management measures of the Central Ministry of MER 6.20 06: currently, Mer (Middle East, respiratory diseases) has now said the same day that the 166 said.

○ New vetting pendulum since the last 6.3 occurred 16 days.

○ Deaths 24 people (14%) was unchanged, increases total 36 people hospitalized, six women (22%), currently being treated patients (64%), on the eve of the 106 (112) was reduced more than six people.

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