Friday, June 05, 2015

Korean MERS Cluster Rises To 50

***  UPDATED ***

# 10, 155

The updates from the Korean CDC are becoming less informative with each passing day, now no longer providing ages or genders, and providing few clues beyond the facilities where they are now isolated.

Three of today's new cases are from hospital `B' (St. Mary's Hospital in Pyeongtaek), 1 from Hospital E (possibly a contact of case #16), and 5 from hospital `D' (with one or more in contact with case # 14). 

While it seems probable that most if not all of these patients are tertiary cases, we are provided with too few details quantify their status with any degree of certainty. 

Once again thanks to Sharon Sanders of FluTrackers who was willing to sacrifice a substantial number of brain cells in helping  me understand these translations. 

*** UPDATE***

On Saturday (Korean time) the HHS revealed the identity of  Hospital `D' as Samsung  Medical Center in Southern Seoul. The Korean Times also carried the following brief description of 8 of these cases.

Five of them were infected with MERS after visiting Samsung Medical Center in southern Seoul, where a doctor was recently diagnosed with the illness, according to the health ministry.
Another three were patients and medical staff at Saint Mary Hospital in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, where the first MERS case originated weeks ago.


Homers confirmed Now 9 persons Additional occurred 

Department of Health and Human Services ' central Homers management task force " is 6 month 6 day ( Saturday ), Homers test results confirmed positive with nine additional cases announced the names were .
Of these three patients had B hospitals ( St. Mary's Hospital in Pyeongtaek ) confirmed the existing parties in the same patient or medical staff was in a fever ward like symptoms, it was found to be positive in the final Homers genetic testing conducted there .

Other 1 patients E at medical institutions 5.28 30 days 16 times and did diagnosed party admitted to the same hospital room is the family's Dun patients .

remaining 5 patients had 5.27 days or 5.28 days D institutions in 14 times in the emergency department confirmed the same party did hospitalized patients is Dunn . Public-private joint task force - on the stand in such cases all my infection was managed by institutions and spread to the community that the view is've awesome he said .

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