Thursday, June 04, 2015

MERS: Korean Cluster Rises To 41

# 10,147

A bit later than usual, we've an announcement from the Korean CDC reporting 5 more cases, and 1 fatality, in their ongoing MERS outbreak.   As usual, the translations are syntax challenged and difficult to decipher . . . however. . . .

Three of these cases are from hospital `B', where the index case was admitted and stayed between the 15th and 17th, but only one appears to have been in the hospital during that timespan, making tertiary transmission increasingly a possibility for some of these cases.

Two other presumably tertiary cases are reported.  One appears to be connected to patient #16, who the WHO described as:
A 40-year-old male developed symptoms on 20 May. The patient was admitted to the same hospital as the first case from 15 to 17 May. He was admitted to another hospital between 25 and 27 May. From 28 to 30 May, the patient was admitted to a third hospital. As symptoms worsened, on 30 May, he was transferred to a nationally designated medical centre for treatment. The patient tested positive for MERS-CoV on 31 May.

While the other case is connected to patient #14, described as:
. . .  a 35-year-old male who developed symptoms of cough, sputum and fever on 6 May and was admitted to hospital on 13 May. The patient has been on Tuberculosis medication since his son was diagnosed with the bacterial disease in April. Between 15 and 17, he shared the same ward with the first case during his hospitalization from 15 to 17 May. On 20 May, after his discharge, the patient visited two different hospitals due to fever and was put on antibiotics. As symptoms persisted despite antibiotic therapy, he was admitted to a hospital again on 27 May and confirmed positive for MERS-CoV on 29 May.

The single death reported appears to be Patient #3 who was a direct contact of the index case.

Once again, my thanks to Sharon Sanders of FluTrackers for her invaluable assistance in going over these translations.   Hopefully we'll get an English language report out of South Korea in the hours ahead.

Homers diagnosed party of 5 people caused additional 1 deaths 

- deaths 3 Confirmed characters first hospitalized with severe initial diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma stirrup contact -

           □ Department of Health and Human Services ' central Homers management task force " is 6 month 5 day ( Friday ), Homers positive test results confirmed that five additional cases and deaths had first announced the name was .

          ○ Of these three patients had B respectively at medical institutions 5.14 to 27 days , 5.20 - 5.28 days , 5 .22 - 5.28 in days 9 times , 14 times, confirmed as party to the same ward as a patient 's symptoms include fever carried Mer In the final task it was confirmed by genetic testing positive .

          ○ other 2 patients, respectively 16 times and confirmed Now F at medical institutions 5.14 to 31 days the patient was admitted to the same hospital room , 14 times being hospitalized self-diagnosis D party visited the hospitals emergency room Homers was confirmed by a positive test result Final .

          ○ deaths - a third party confirmed once ( M , 76 years old ), the first confirmed cases in the past 5.15 to 5.17 days until the B of inpatient medical institutions were contacted , after being diagnosed nationally designated isolation wards are treated in a state of deterioration 6.4 one was killed .

            * Severe cholangiocarcinoma , asthma , chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases such as basal disease

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