Friday, July 03, 2015

Korean MERS Cluster Rises To 184





With the second healthcare worker announced infected over the past two days, Korea’s total number of MERS cases rises to 184, with 33 fatalities.   As with the previous case, last night’s announcement concerned a 24 year-old nurse who was exposed at Samsung Hospital in Seoul, where 89 of the 184 cases (48.37%) have occurred.


In all, 22 doctors and nurses have been affected, along with 16 other caregivers and medical support staff.


Although Korean media sources were speculating that the end of this outbreak was in sight earlier this week, and that it might be declared over by the end of July, every time a new case appears the countdown clock is essentially reset to another 28 days.


There remain 42 patients under treatment (109 have been discharged), and of those 12 are listed in unstable condition.  This update from the Korean HHS.


Homers (Middle respiratory diseases) Daily Tracking

42 people under treatment (22.8%), hospital 109 people (59.2%) died 33 patients (18.0%) with a total of 184 people confirmed

Yesterday, compared to 6 people decreased during the treatment, discharge, party seven people increased, the death toll unchanged, one people diagnosed increase

42 patients being treated condition is stable 30 patients (71.4%), instability in 12 patients (28.6%)

82 people diagnosed type of hospital patients, family / visits 64 people, hospital workers 38 people


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