Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Media Reports: 2nd Ebola Case In Liberia



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Multiple media reports this morning indicate that a second Ebola case has been identified in Liberia, coming just 24 hours after we learned of the first new case in that country since late March (see Liberia Announces 1st Ebola Case In Three Months).


Details on this second case – announced by Dr. Moses Massaquoi, head of Liberia's Ebola task force – remain sparse, and there is no official announcement on the Liberian MOH website at this time.  This report from Reuters:


Liberia registers second confirmed Ebola case: health official


MONROVIA (Reuters) - Liberia confirmed a second case of Ebola on Tuesday just a day after authorities announced they had detected the deadly virus seven weeks after the West African country was declared Ebola-free, a senior health official said.

"We have two confirmed cases today in Liberia," said Dr. Moses Massaquoi, case management team leader for Liberia's Ebola task force. He said that tests were underway to establish whether there are further cases.


Although a good deal of speculation has appeared in the media regarding the origins of the first new case, so far we no official statements regarding the likely source of the virus from the Liberian government or the World Health Organization.  

Dr. Ian Mackay discusses some of the possibilities in his recently updated blog post Ebola mysteriously returns to Liberia...[UPDATED]

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