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South Korean President Replaces MOH Over Handling Of MERS

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Although it is not listed as a known side effect on any of the the WHO FAQ sheets, one of the prominent side effects of large MERS outbreaks have been its chilling effects on the careers of a number of Minister’s of Health – first in Saudi Arabia (see Saudi Arabia Replaces Minister Of Health (Again)) – and now in South Korea .


With South Korea’s MERS epidemic now fully contained, the nation’s President has decided the time has come to replace her embattled Minister of Health.  First a brief report from the AP, followed by the Health & Human Welfare announcement on their proposed replacement:



South Korea to replace health minister after MERS outbreak

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea's president has decided to replace her health minister, officials said Tuesday, in the wake of criticism over the government's handling of the MERS virus outbreak that killed 36 people and infected nearly 200 others.

Last week, South Korea announced that it was virtually free of Middle East respiratory syndrome, which had rattled the country since an outbreak was declared in May. More than 16,000 people had been isolated at hospitals and homes as the government tried to contain the disease's spread.

South Korean media have criticized the government for failing to swiftly cope with MERS in the initial stage of its landing in the country.

President Park Geun-hye nominated local medical professor Chung Chin Youb to replace Moon Hyung-pyo as health minister, Park's office said in a statement. The statement described Chung as a person who can bolster South Korea's public health care.

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The outgoing Minister – Dr. Moon Hyung-pyo – held the office since December of 2013.  The following short bio on his proposed replacement comes from the Ministry of Health & Welfare.


(machine translation)

Secretary of health and human services devoted to the candidate leaves

❍ Name: Jung Jin leaves (鎭 燁) CHUNG CHIN YOUB

❍ Besides science classroom at Seoul National University position: Professor, Seoul National University bundang hospital, orthopaedic/orthopaedic faculty

Seoul National University bundang hospital former occupations: ❍

❍ Date of birth: March 10, 1955 (aged 60)

❍ Ex. Saint: Seoul

❍ E-mail : chin@snu.ac.kr

❍ Bell Bridge: Christian

❍ Blood output type: O type

❍ Education

1973-Seoul high school graduate

-Department of Seoul National University in 1980, aerosol

Seoul National University, graduate school of medicine, Ms aerosol-1988

Seoul National University, graduate school of medicine and Dr. Sol-1993

❍ Experience (note)

-Seoul National University Hospital in 1984, resident

Senior Hospital Physician-1988 nuclear

-In 1992, the United States, the children's Hospital the way Lett Fellow

-Assistant Professor, Seoul National University Hospital orthopedic classrooms in 1993, Associate Professor, Professor (County)

Seoul National University bundang hospital Education Center 2002

-Seoul National University bundang hospital care 2004, Deputy

Seoul National University bundang hospital 2008-2013-

-2008-2013 for the Managing Director and Finance Chairman of the Hospital Association's hospital information

2008-2009-2010 President of the Pediatric Orthopedic for craniocervical

Oversees the operation of the mutual medical devices Forum 2012-Chairman (present)

❍ Sang-Hoon

-The Prime Minister Award (2008), Korea global executives (2011), Korea health industry special prize (2011), industrial packaging (2011)

❍ Publications

Besides the Pediatric orthopaedic Sciences ' cradle ' (1996), ' Besides the science of orthopaedic for students ' (1998)

❍ Family

-(Spouse) on July 10, 1958, delayed

-(Daughter) stop on October 24, 1983, Yoon

-(Daughter) be suspended August 8 1988

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