Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Jordan Reports 2nd MERS Death




Although we’ve no word of any additional MERS cases out of Jordan today (the count stands at 6), the Jordanian News Service PETRA has announced the death of the 5th case (announced Sunday),  a 56 y.o. man who was previously listed in critical condition.

The patient was described as having multiple comorbidities, and having recently undergone cardiac surgery.  


While details are scant, he is believed to have been one of several healthcare related infections in this cluster.  Previously we learned of the death of the first (imported) case in this cluster, a man in his 60s with recent travel to Saudi Arabia.


Hopefully we’ll get some additional details when the WHO posts an update.


"Health" recorded the second death of coronavirus

Oman 1 (PETRA)-the Ministry of Health said that a coronavirus-infected cases announced over the past few days, died Tuesday, bringing the number of deaths among those infected during this year to 2.

The Director Directorate of communicable diseases Dr. Mohammed Al-abdallat said in a press statement, the Jordanian deceased aged 56 years and has pressure and diabetes disease, renal failure, and had recently underwent open heart surgery.

He noted that the total number of cases since the first infection with the virus this year 6 injuries, two died and the remaining four cases, one in a critical health status, while the other three cases, two of which described when recording the incidence that health status is critical.

-(PETRA) a t/s a/p c

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