Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Korean Respiratory Outbreak Investigation – Day 6





Although the Korean CDC continues to investigate on multiple fronts, there is still no breakthrough on the cause of  (what is now) 52 cases of pneumonia linked to workers at the Konkuk University’s Animal Life Sciences building.   An additional 28 people are mildly symptomatic – but have not developed pneumonia – and remain under close observation.

Additionally, more than 1,500 people who either were exposed to the building, or who are contacts of those sickened, are being monitored.


So far, no secondary transmission has been observed to family members or close contacts, suggesting an environmental exposure linked to the building itself.   Tests are being run looking for a bacterial, fungal, or chemical contaminant, but they could take weeks to complete.   For now, the cause of this outbreak remains a mystery.


While the size of the outbreak continues to grow, the number of new cases has been decreasing the past few days. 


In addition to testing for a variety of pathogens, the Korean CDC is also conducting a case-control study, hoping to nail down the risk factors leading to infection, and thereby source of the contaminant.  


Other than the identification of 2 new pneumonia cases (and 4 suspect cases), very little is added by today’s update. You can find more details on this outbreak’s investigation  in previous blogs here, here, and here


The latest (day 6) update from the Korean CDC follows:


Konkuk University research related respiratory disease occurred in six primary

□ Centers for Disease Control (General Manager Yang byeongguk) is Konkuk University, respiratory diseases and outbreaks related to 11.3 il 0 until a total of 80 cases (cumulative) received your report in the, of which 52 patients chest X Award pneumonia findings are confirmed suspected cases * Categorized and (Yesterday, compared to 2 myeong increase) 7 gae medical groups to distribute the tubes under a quarantine treatment said that.

- Suspected: 10.8 days after the founding of the University of Life Sciences building have visited animal characters 37.5 & lt; 0 & gt; C on the chest radiograph with at least if you have fever suspected pneumonia findings

* Chest radiography results cases classified as suspected cases do not meet the definition: 28 myeong

Mild symptoms and chest radiography unclassified pending cases without 0 myeong

○ suspected patients being hospitalized 52 of the patients without severe cases, according to physician judgment hospitalized since 24 of them are showing improvement in the state. (Yesterday, compared to 5 patients increased)

□ identified so far suspected patients 52 patients all animal life within regular working Sciences building character,

- it is commonly exposed to contaminants through a laboratory environment caused population is estimated to be .


□ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the current epidemiological and environmental investigations in progress, details on the specific pathogen test results up to now is not the state.

* Total 5 confirmed Rhino virus in people, but that is popular in the domestic cold is a viral respiratory illness and Konkuk University this one kinds relevance Low

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