Tuesday, June 21, 2016

UAE Media Reports New MERS-CoV Infection

UPDATED:   The WHO has posted an update with the following information on this case:

A 37-year-old, non-national, male living in Abu Dhabi Emirate. He developed symptoms on 9 June, and was admitted to hospital on 11 June. The case, who has no comorbidities, tested positive for MERS-CoV on 16 June. Investigation of history of exposure to the known risk factors in the 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms is ongoing. The patient is currently in critical condition, admitted to the ICU on mechanical ventilation Investigation of household contacts, co-workers and healthcare contacts are ongoing.


With even fewer details than usual, a statement attributed to HADD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi) has been widely published in today's Arabic media indicating that the UAE is treating their 3rd MERS case of 2016.

While the the notice has not yet appeared on the HAAD website, we have this from WAM (The Emirates News Agency):

21/06/2016 1:52:00 PM
Abu Dhabi, June 21 / WAM / announced the Health Authority - Abu Dhabi, for a new case for "Corona virus" that causes respiratory syndrome Middle East. The authority said that the patient receives the necessary treatment currently. 

And the Commission confirmed that it in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the concerned authorities have taken the necessary precautionary measures necessary according to scientific recommendations and approved the terms and standards of the World Health Organization.
WAM / saw / time
The UAE reported two MERS cases in late January (see here) and a couple of weeks ago we looked at a detailed investigation of the UAE's large outbreak in 2014 (see EID: UAE Epidemiological Investigation & Response To MERS-CoV, 2013-14)

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