Tuesday, July 12, 2016

CIDRAP On LPAI H5 Detection At Live Markets In 3 States

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Thanks to Lisa Schnirring at CIDRAP NEWS we've got confirmation and clarity this evening on recent reports of LPAI H5 detected at live bird markets in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

Some excerpts from Lisa's report, but follow the link to read it in its entirety.

Three states report low-path H5 at live-bird markets

Lisa Schnirring | News Editor | CIDRAP News
Jul 12, 2016

Low-pathogenic H5 avian influenza has recently been detected at live-poultry markets in three northeastern states, the US Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) confirmed today.

The markets are located in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Joelle Hayden, a public affairs specialist with APHIS, said H5 was detected during routine testing and follow-up and that finding low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) isn't uncommon in backyard flocks and live-bird markets.

Two infectious disease news-monitoring Web sites first noted the outbreaks, based on media reports from foreign countries that acknowledged the events and imposed temporary restrictions on poultry imports from some of the affected states, along with brief notifications from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The blog Avian Flu Diary on Jul 8 flagged a Japanese media report on the outbreaks and followed up today with two FAO reports on detections in New York and Pennsylvania. 

FluTrackers, a news message board, has also been following the developments and flagged a recent mention on the H5 detections in a poultry industry newsletter.

Response steps

Hayden said animal health authorities are conducting trace-back and testing at markets that have epidemiologic links to the affected markets. She added that APHIS manages a joint system with states and the poultry industry to control low-pathogenic H5 and H7 in live-bird market systems and that states participating in the program have APHIS-approved response plans.

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