Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Taiwan CDC: Zika Infected Resident With Recent Travel Hx To Vietnam

CDC Asia & Pacific Active Zika  9/12/16


For the second time in 24 hours we've a report of a Zika infection in a traveler recently in Vietnam.  Yesterday, it was Tokyo: Imported Zika Case From Vietnam, while today's report comes from Taiwan's CDC.

Public urged to heighten vigilance for Zika virus, and travelers advised to take precautions against mosquito bites when visiting Zika-affected areas and follow “1+6 Principle” after leaving affected areas as CECC for Zika Virus confirms eighth imported Zika case( 2016-09-13 )

On September 13, 2016, the Central Epidemic Command Center for Zika Virus (CECC for Zika Virus) announced the eighth imported Zika case identified in Taiwan. The case is a 63-year-old male Taiwanese who resides in Changhua County. During August 28 and September 4, 2016, he visited Tra Vinh Province with his family. On September 6, he sought medical attention at a hospital after developing symptoms, including fever and headache. On August 8, when his symptoms persisted, he sought further medical attention at another hospital and was hospitalized. Infection with Zika virus was laboratory confirmed in the case. As of now, the case is still hospitalized. The case has been asked to prevent mosquito bites and isolate himself till September 17. 

Based on the case’s incubation period and activity history, it was determined that the case became infected with Zika virus in Vietnam. During the viremic period, besides seeking medical attention, his primary areas of activities include places around his house and workplace. Currently, none of his contacts, including family members who traveled to Vietnam with him, those who reside in the same household with him, and his colleagues, have developed suspected symptoms. The local health authority has implemented various prevention measures.

Since April 2016, at least 3 cases of locally transmitted Zika virus infection in Vietnam have been reported in Khanh Hoa Province, Ho Chi Minh City, and Phu Yen Province.   
The local health authority has pointed out that more Zika cases could be reported in the country as the rainy season has promoted mosquito growth. In light of frequent exchanges among countries in Southeast Asia, the risk of importing Zika cases is therefore high and community outbreaks remain possible. So far, Korea, Australia and Israel have reported imported Zika cases from Vietnam this year.

Thus far this year, a total of 8 imported Zika cases have been identified in Taiwan and they respectively became infected in Thailand (2), Indonesia (1), St. Lucia (1), St. Vincent and the Grenadines (1), Florida, the U.S. (1), Singapore (1), and Vietnam (1). 
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Although Vietnam has not reported active transmission of the Zika virus, we have seen some signs of Zika in Vietnam. 

Last April (see WHO DON Zika virus infection – Viet Nam) two Zika cases were identified in Vietnam, while the EID Journal carried a letter this summer (see Zika Virus Disease in Traveler Returning from Vietnam to Israel) describing one imported case from Vietnam.

And as I mentioned yesterday, Dr.  Ian Mackay blogged on two more Zika cases out of Vietnam about last spring in Zika virus in travellers from Vietnam but not in Vietnam...?

In recent weeks we've seen increased Zika activity in Singapore, Malyasia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, raising concerns that like in the Americas, Zika may be on the ascendant across Southeast Asia.

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