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Media Reports of H7N9 Case In Guizhou Province

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Although I've found nothing official on the Qiannan Health and Family Planning website, for the past 24 hours local media has been reporting on an H7N9 case hospitalized in Qiannan, Guizhou Province. 

Many provinces simply post a monthly total in their EOM epidemiology report to Beijing, and never make a `real-time' public announcement on their website.  Others simply take a few days to post something. 

Since I'm seeing several different reports, filed by different reporters (as opposed to the `echo' reports that get reposted from one source), I'll go ahead and post this with the caveat that it isn't yet  official.

If confirmed, this would only make Guizhou's 3rd H7N9 case.

Guizhou confirmed a case of human infection H7N9 cases! Before the onset of infection in poultry business
Guiyang Evening News

From January 1, Qiannan health hygiene departments from one case of unexplained pneumonia cases detected H7N9 avian influenza virus positive, the provincial disease control department diagnosed with human infection H7N9 avian flu cases, the current The patient is being treated.

The patient before the onset of trafficking in poultry business activities

It is understood that patients 49 years old, now living in Qiannan three counties. December 25, 2016, patients with cough, sputum, fever and other upper respiratory symptoms, December 27, the patient went to Sandu County People's Hospital, on December 29 transferred to the Qiannan Chinese Medicine Hospital isolation treatment, 12 On March 31, the provincial CDC laboratory confirmed the case of human infection H7N9 avian influenza cases.

At present, the patient is still active treatment, the patient all close contacts for clinical observation, were not abnormal. After investigation, the patient before the onset of trafficking in poultry business activities.

After the outbreak of the epidemic, Qiannan start emergency plan, to treat patients, the relevant departments to actively carry out epidemic prevention and control work to strengthen the management and prevention and control of live poultry market, the provincial and state levels to further the establishment of the Group of Experts on-site epidemiological survey, Contact with medical observation.

Three are emergency closed down live bird trading market

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