Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Shanxi Province Reports Their 2nd H7N9 Case

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Seven days ago Shanxi province (not to be confused with neighboring Shaanxi Province which has announced their first 5 cases this month), reported their very first H7N9 case. In very short order, Shanxi has now reported a second infection, this time in a farmer from Xinzhou city.
Although this patient was hospitalized with fever, cough, and fatigue on May 7th, he wasn't diagnosed with H7N9 for more than 2 weeks.
The reasons behind this delay are not stated, although it seems likely that in the wake of last week's case, doctors in Shanxi are now more alert to the possibility of H7N9 infection.

We saw a similar (albeit shorter) delay in diagnosing neighboring Shaanxi Province's first case (link) earlier this month. Onset dates were not provided for Shanxi's first case reported last week.

Published: 2017-05-23 17:58:05 
Shanxi Province Health and Family Planning Commission briefing May 23, 2017, Taiyuan report one case of H7N9 confirmed cases imported. 

       A certain segment of patients, male, 57 years old, farmer, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province pianguan County. May 7, 2017 with fever, cough, fatigue and other symptoms, immediately to the hospital for treatment. May 23, the provincial expert group of patients combined with epidemiological history, clinical manifestations and laboratory test results, diagnosis in this case as H7N9 confirmed cases. Fourth People's Hospital in Taiyuan is currently being treated in isolation. 

      Up to now, the province a total of two cases of H7N9 confirmed cases found. After the outbreak, the provincial government attach great importance to science departments at all levels and orderly conduct joint prevention and control, health planning department to treat the patient. By the medical observation, two close contacts of confirmed cases no clinical abnormalities occur.

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