Friday, June 23, 2017

A Dearth Of Recent Reports From The Saudi MOH

Screen Shot of MOH Today - 9:45 am EST


The screenshot above - taken at 0945 EST today - shows that after reporting 50+ cases in the 1st 18 days of June - the Saudi MOH hasn't updated their MERS surveillance page in several days.  

For some reason, they posted 2 updates for the 19th - and while the links state no new cases, the first report for that date lists 1 asymptomatic case in Riyadh.  The last report, dated the 19th, appears to be from the 20th, and lists 2 recoveries.

Since then, we've seen no new updates.  
With this being the last week of Ramadan, it is possible the MOH is working short staffed.  Hopefully after tomorrow (the end of Ramadan), the MOH will catch us up, and resume regular daily reporting.

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