Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Nigeria: NCDC Monkeypox Sitrep #9


Although we just saw a report a yesterday (see Nigeria: CDC Monkeypox Update - Week 48) - which was dated November 19th - the Nigerian CDC has just released another update - current through November 23rd - which shows a sharp jump in confirmed cases. 
The previous report (Sitrep #8) cited 148 total (suspected & confirmed) cases, with 42 lab confirmed cases, while today's Sitrep #9 bumps that number to 56 (out of 155).
Both reports are listed on the Nigerian Disease Situation Report page as week 48, although today's internal date says epi-week 47.

Aside from the jump in confirmed cases, we also learn that 3 more states have confirmed cases (Imo,  Katsina  and  Nasarawa), and genetic testing suggests multiple introductions of the virus into the country.  

Some highlights from today's report includes:
  • The  Nigeria  Centre  for  Disease  Control  (NCDC)  continued  to  coordinate  the response  through its activated Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)
  • Fifty-six (56) confirmed cases recorded since the onset of the outbreak
  • Three  (3)  new  States  (Imo,  Katsina  and  Nasarawa)  recorded  confirmed  cases  in  the  reporting week
  • Thirteen (13) new suspected cases reported in the reporting week 
  • NCDC National Reference Laboratory, Abuja continued laboratory diagnosis of monkeypox with improved turn-around time 
  • There  has  been  a  decline  in  the  number  of  new  suspected  cases  reported  over  the  last  four weeks
  • Since  the  onset  of  the  outbreak,  a  total  of  155  cases  (suspected  and  confirmed)  have  been recorded from 21 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)
  • No death attributable to monkeypox has been recorded so far
  • Epidemiologist deployed to five (5) more States


  • Fourteen new confirmed cases were recorded in the reporting week from Benue (1), Cross River (3), Edo (1), FCT (2), Imo (2), Katsina (1), Nasarawa (1) and Rivers (3) state
  • Out of a total of 155 suspected cases reported from 21 States and the FCT 56 cases have been confirmed in 13 States  
  • Clustering of cases was demonstrated in some instances, however no known evidence yet of epidemiological linkages across States
  • Preliminary genetic sequencing suggests multiple sources of introduction of monkeypox virus into human population
  • The male to female ratio for confirmed cases is 3:1
  • The most affected age group is 21-40 years (Median Age = 30)
  • No death recorded among cases so far

 For more background on Monkeypox, you may wish to revisit Yesterday's blog.

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