Thursday, March 08, 2018

Saudi MOH Announces Another Healthcare-Related MERS Case


The Saudi MOH has updated their MERS surveillance page for the second day in a row, with updates for the 6th and 7th.   While no cases are reported for the 6th, we have another hospital-acquired infection (the 5th in less than 2 weeks) reported from Riyadh.
On Feb. 26th, two patients (M 23 & M, 59) were listed as secondary hospital acquired cases, followed on March 1st by a 3rd patient (M, 65).  On March 5th, a 28 y.o. Healthcare Worker was reported infected and in critical condition.
Today's case involves a 60 y.o. male patient who was apparently infected while hospitalized in a Riyadh hospital.  Today's report also announces the death of an 82 y.o. man who was reported infected on the 25th of February, and listed as a `primary' case with no known exposure.

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