Thursday, September 13, 2018

NHC: 5am Key Messages On Hurricane Florence


Despite a drop in wind speeds to Category 2, Hurricane Florence remains a serious threat to life and property as it heads for a landfall sometime overnight in the Carolinas. 
While one may take some slight comfort in this reduction in wind speed - most people are killed in hurricanes from storm surge and inland flooding - both of which are still expected to be substantial, and potentially catastrophic.
Florence has morphed in to a huge storm, and therefore its impact will be felt over a wider area than would a smaller, more intense hurricane.  It will be a slow mover, and so this isn't going to be over in 6 or 12 hours.

This morning's key messages from the NHC.

I would remind my readers that the morning after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, local broadcasters were commenting on how lucky they'd been; the winds hadn't been has high as forecast, and the damage wasn't as bad as they had feared.
And then the levees broke . . . and the rest is history.
The impacts from Florence, particularly rain driven effects, may not be readily apparent or immediate.  So no one should be let their guard down prematurely.

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