Friday, May 17, 2019

Japan MAFF: 23nd Farm Outbreak Of CSF


After a flurry of Classical Swine Fever outbreaks in March and April (11 in 30 days), the first half of May has been unusually quiet on the CSF front in Japan. That silence is broken today by a report on Japan's 23rd farm outbreak of the disease since it returned - after a 26 year absence - last September.
Like African Swine Fever (ASF), CSF is highly contagious among pigs, and can be economically devastating for pork producers, but neither disease poses a direct human health threat.
This translated report from Japan's Ministry of Agriculture (MAFF).
About confirmation (the domestic 23 cases) of the pseudo-illness of swine fever in Aichi prefecture

Year of May 17
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

From yesterday, when we performed cleanliness check of pig cholera at a pig farming farm in Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture, which is in the 21st limited export area in Japan, a suspected case was confirmed today at one farm.

We will make every effort on preventive measures against this disease.
We would like cooperation to refrain strictly from coverage on the spot as there is a risk of causing the spread of this disease.

1. Outline of outbreak farm

Location: Tahara City, Aichi Prefecture
The feeding situation: 2,940
2. History
(1) Since Aichi Prefecture will carry out the cleanliness confirmation test of hog cholera at the pig farming farm in Tahara City in the same prefecture in the 21st country restricted export area on Thursday, May 16th, it will be entered by livestock epidemiologists We conducted an inspection.
(2) On the same day, suspicion of hog cholera arose from examination at the livestock health and hygiene center in 1 farm, so when a detailed examination was carried out, it is a suspected case of hog cholera today (Friday, May 17) It turned out.

(3) For this reason, while taking prevention measures against the breeding pig of the said farm, the breeding pig of the related farm (the number of the breeding head: 1,298 head) adjacent to the said farm and used jointly by the manure etc. We assume the diseased animals and take epidemic measures (simulated diseased animals total: 4,238).
3. Future response

Based on "specific livestock epidemic disease prevention policy about pig cholera", we will make sure about the following epidemic measures.

(1) We will promptly and properly implement necessary epidemic prevention measures such as killing and burning of pig breeding on the farm, and setting of movement restricted area.
(2) About farms in movement restricted area, we carry out outbreak situation check examination immediately.
(3) In order to prevent the spread of infection, we will strengthen disinfection around the outbreak farm and establish disinfection points on major roads.
(4) We dispatch a national epidemiological research team to investigate the infection route.
(5) We will make thorough early detection and early notification of this disease.
(6) We will strive to provide accurate information to producers, consumers, distributors, etc. as well as working closely with relevant government agencies.
(7) We will thoroughly provide guidance on compliance with the management standards for sanitation such as disinfection of farms and prevention of invasion of wildlife to farms.
(8) Investigate the route of infection and prevent spread, assume all possibilities for investigation.

In addition to the 23 farms now reported, Gifu and Aichi Prefectures have reported the detection of several hundred infected wild boar. The most recent OIE summary (April 26th) reads:
Summary of the wild boar surveillance As of the 25th of April,
1054 wild boars (173 dead and 881 captured) in Gifu prefecture have been tested and 357 (122 dead and 235 captured) were found to be positive for CSF virus (CSFV) by RT-PCR since 13th of September.
256 wild boars (17 dead and 239 captured) in Aichi prefecture have been tested and 14 were found to be positive (2 dead and 12 captured) for CSFV by RT-PCR since 14th of September.
Among the other prefectures, 283 wild boars (260 dead and 23 captured) in 40 prefectures were tested and all were found to be negative for CSFV by RT-PCR since the 14th of September. Note: Since 24th March 2019, oral vaccine (bait vaccine) have been applied to wild boars in selected area in Gifu and Aichi prefecture where CSF positive cases have been found in wild boars.

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