Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vietnam Confirms Human Case Of H5N1


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Xinhau news is reporting a slightly different version of this story, saying the man was hospitalized a month ago.  AP has him only in the hospital for a week. 




Vietnam confirms first human bird flu case in year and a half


HANOI, Vietnam: Vietnam on Wednesday confirmed its first human bird flu case in a year and a half, as the virus continues to spread through the country's poultry stocks.


A 30-year-old man from northern Vinh Phuc province remains hospitalized and breathing through a respirator after testing positive for the H5N1 virus three days ago, said Tran Quy, director of Bach Mai hospital in Hanoi.


"The man is in critical condition," he said. "He has a high fever, difficulty breathing, coughing and the X-ray of his lung was completely white. All these are typical bird flu symptoms."


Quy said the man was admitted to the hospital last week. Relatives said he had helped prepare chickens for a wedding reception before falling ill.


It is the country's first human infection of H5N1 since November 2005 and comes as bird flu outbreaks among poultry have been reported in southern, central and northern Vietnam.


Samples of the virus will be shipped to a World Health Organization lab for analysis and reconfirmation, said WHO country representative Hans Troedsson.


"We are following up with the Ministry of Health about it to get more details," he said. "Since we know there is a risk for transmission to people, it's not really a surprise. It could just be one isolated case."


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