Friday, November 23, 2007

Michael Greger: Critical Reviews In Microbiology



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I am an unabashed fan of Dr. Michael Greger.  



His book, Bird Flu: A virus of our own Hatching is a must-read for anyone with even the slightest interest in how factory farming conditions have spurred on the emergence of zoonotic diseases.  Dr. Greger has made the entire text of his book available online, for free.



Along with this well researched book, Dr. Greger has a free video on the Internet of his presentation to the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin.  It runs a little less than an hour, and it's entertaining, informative, and ultimately disturbing.


Some people may be discomfited by some of the graphics, but the presentation is well worth watching.   You must register (free and easy) in order to view the video.


Dr. Greger has just published a major paper in the journal Critical Reivews In Microbiology  entitled The Human/Animal Interface: Emergence and Resurgence of Zoonotic Infectious Diseases.




Emerging infectious diseases, most of which are considered zoonotic in origin, continue to exact a significant toll on society.


The origins of major human infectious diseases are reviewed and the factors underlying disease emergence explored. Anthropogenic changes, largely in land use and agriculture, are implicated in the apparent increased frequency of emergence and re-emergence of zoonoses in recent decades.


Special emphasis is placed on the pathogen with likely the greatest zoonotic potential, influenzavirus A.


This is a major piece of work, running 57 printed pages including references. 


I'm looking forward to spending a good deal of time absorbing it.

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