Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Cross Apps




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With nearly 60 million people in the path of Hurricane Sandy, and estimates that as many as 10 million may be without electricity over the next several days, their ability to communicate with friends and loved ones may be temporarily compromised.


To aid those in the midst of a disaster, the Red Cross has maintained a SAFE & WELL web-based program since 2006 that lets people log in and post their name, address, phone number and a brief message that worried family members can check for.


To search for someone, you need their name and either address or phone number.  Multiple (date stamped) messages may be retrieved.


The Red Cross has recently updated their Safe & Well  program, and it now lets users update their Facebook  and Twitter statuses as well.


The Red Cross also has a web based FIND SHELTER app that lets you input a location and gives you the locations of open emergency shelters in the vicinity.


You’ll also find a wide selection of mobile Apps available for iPhone/iPad and Android on their Red Cross Mobile Apps page.


Wildfire App

First Aid App

Hurricane App

Shelter Finder App

Earthquake App


Now would be a good time to download these apps, and to let your friends and family know - that should they be unable to reach you by conventional means - they should look for a message from you on the Red Cross Safe and Well site.

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