Monday, November 05, 2012

FEMA: Quashing Rumors




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Yesterday in Caveat Twitter, I wrote about some of the false stories and rumors circulating – often on social media sites – surrounding the recovery effort with Hurricane/Hybrid Sandy.


Today, FEMA has posted several new rumors on their FEMA BLOG that need to be dispelled.


Rumor Control

There is a lot of misinformation circulating on social networks. Check here for an on-going list of rumors and their true or false status.

  • November 5: There was an inaccurate report on a radio station discussing a tent city for sheltering at Monmouth Park race track in New Jersey.  This is FALSE.  There are tents set up at Monmouth Park for first responders and utility and construction workers as a place to rest, take a break and receive food and water.  If you are in need of shelter, visit the American Red Cross FIND OPEN SHELTERS by visiting,
  • November 5: There are message boards and traffic on social media sites related to FEMA distributing cash cards to individuals affected by Hurricane Sandy.  This is FALSE.  Individuals in declared counties affected by Sandy should register for assistance by visiting or calling 1-800-621-FEMA.
  • November 5: There are reports that FEMA is paying $1,000 to go to New York and New Jersey to clean up debris.  This is FALSE.  For information on how to volunteer and assist with Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, visit:



I would urge everyone to visit FEMA’s #rumors page before re-tweeting, or posting, any recovery information that comes from an unofficial source, or that sounds the least bit dodgy. 

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