Monday, January 21, 2013

Twitter Updates From Pakistan On Polio Virus Detected In Egypt





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Details are just beginning to emerge on the recent discovery of polio viruses in samples taken from Cairo’s sewage system (see earlier Polio Virus Detected By Environmental Surveillance In Egypt). 


My thanks to Ronan Kelly on FluTrackers for picking up the following  tweet stream released over the past hour or so  from Pakistan’s PM Monitoring & Coordination Cell for Polio (Facebook Page).


WHO in Pakistan has reported that wild poliovirus type-1 (WPV-1) has recently been imported to Egypt from Sukkur district of Pakistan.


The Poliovirus WPV-1 was isolated in sewage water samples collected from two different sites in Cairo, Egypt in December 2012.


The Genetic analysis indicates origin of virus frm Sukkur distrct confrming tht thr is an importation of poliovirus frm Pakistan into Egypt


Earlier the outbreak of polio in People’s Republic of China in 2011 was also traced back to the circulation in North Sindh.


There is an ongoing sharing of poliovirus circulation between Pakistan and Afghanistan.


imposing pre-travel vaccination against polio on Pak citizens travelling abroad; has already been recommended by the IMB issued in Nov 2012.


PM Polio Cell, WHO, UNICEF recommended to install polio counters at all international immigration points of Pakistan.

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