Sunday, November 24, 2013

Watching Indonesia Again





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We’ve a pair of local media reports this morning out of Indonesia indicating that a veterinarian who recently conducted inspection of poultry in the Klaten Regency of Central Java, Indonesia has been hospitalized (in isolation) with a suspected H5N1 infection.


At this point all this appears precautionary, as their  suspicion of H5N1 is driven by the patient’s clinical symptoms (which could also match seasonal flu, and many other viral infections) and his recent exposure to poultry. 


A positive H5N1 test has not been announced.


While the number of H5N1 cases reported out of Indonesia has dropped markedly over the past couple of years, ten days ago we were informed of Indonesia’s third bird flu fatality of 2013 (see Indonesia: MOH Reports H5N1 Fatality), and reports of poultry die offs and poultry culling remain common.



Veterinarian Allegedly Infected with H5N1 after Check Poultry, KLATEN - A veterinarian initials DA suspected bird flu after checking poultry in a number of areas in the region of Klaten. Currently victims undergoing treatment in the isolation room dr. Moewardi, Solo, DA to ensure the correctness of contracting the H5N1 strain of virus.


The vet suspected of contracting the virus that causes the disease avian influenza (AI) was served in the Division of Animal Husbandry Agriculture (Dispertan) Klaten. Head of Division (Head) Ranch Dispertan Klaten DA Sri Muryani exposing alleged H5N1 was mid last week.


When contacted, Sunday (11/24/2013), he explained earlier this week with a team of health Dispertan DA checks Klaten Klaten in some areas. Among areas examined in the region and Manisrenggo Gantiwarno.


Initially, Wednesday (20/11/2013), the DA had a high fever accompanied by shortness of breath, cough, and headache. Because not heal, DA health check to one of the private physician who is not far from where he lives.


Based on the symptoms experienced DA, known indications of bird flu infection. "Because we do not want to missed, DA finally taken to the hospital. Moewardi to ensure the disease on Thursday (21/11/2013) afternoon, "he told Sunday.

A second report, also from, repeats that this is just a suspected infection, but also carries a warning from the Klaten Head of Livestock Dispertan - Sri Muryani – for people to be wary of the signs of infection in their poultry, stating:


"We are not sure which area of ​​bird flu. Hopefully, when people know the symptoms of bird flu may provide information to us and direct culling poultry suspected of AI, "he said.


We’ll have to wait for lab results before we know if this veterinarian is actually infected with the bird flu virus.  This is, however, another reminder that while we are more focused on H7N9 and MERS-CoV at the present, the H5N1 virus remains a threat and must be closely monitored as well.

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