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Jordan Reports MERS Fatality



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Over the past week we’ve seen barebones reports of two MERS cases in Jordan. Six days ago in Jordanian News Agency Reports 7th Coronavirus Case – HCW, we learned of a health care worker who was infected after exposure to a Saudi who sought medical care in Jordan, and yesterday’s Media Reporting 8th MERS Case In Jordan.


In neither of these recent reports was the age or condition of these patients revealed, making it difficult to absolutely match either one of them up with today’s report, which cites the death of a MERS case.  


Hopefully the Jordanian MOH will forward the details to the World Health Organization, who can shed more light on the details of this case.  This report is from PETRA, the Jordanian News Agency.



A fourth died as a result of HIV alcorona

Oman may 6 (PETRA)--the Ministry of Health announced Tuesday the death of new HIV alcorona for anyone living with HIV a 56-year-old was suffering anemia and pneumonia admitted to hospital.

The Director of communicable diseases at the Health Ministry Dr Mohammad Al-abdallat of Jordan News Agency (PETRA), the number of deaths registered in Jordan with HIV alcorona became four out of eight cases diagnosed since 2012.

The patient who died was laboratory confirmed the virus was on a ventilator in a hospital since Saturday and is also suffering a rise in blood pressure in addition to being a smoker.

Abdallat stressed that public and private hospitals to inform the Ministry of health monitoring for severe respiratory infections, especially pneumonia unexplained (unknown reason) so the diagnosis and conduct laboratory tests and limit contact and the isolation of the patient and infection control procedures.

He stressed the importance of the application of health personnel to infection control procedures when dealing with cases of respiratory diseases or suspected HIV infection or installed koruna.

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