Sunday, May 25, 2014

Media Report: Jordan’s 10th MERS Case Hospitalized



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Although there were brief mentions of it yesterday in the Arabic press (see People were newly infected Coruna in Jordan) there were virtually no details released on Jordan’s 10th reported case of of MERS. While hardly unusual, repeated checks of Jordan’s Ministry of Health and the Jordanian News Agency PETRA have failed to turn up anything `official’.


Today, the Arabic media is reporting a bit more detail on this case –  indicating this case is a recent returnee from `the Holy Land’,  which one would assume refers to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  


The Jordanian ministry will update the World Health Organization on this case at some point, and we will hopefully get more clarification.


This report from


Jordan announces record tenth injured with Corona

Saturday 24 may 2014/22: 49

24. Maher shawabkeh

The Jordanian Health Ministry on Sunday confirmed a virus infection, bringing the number infected with the disease in the Kingdom to 10 cases.

She said the health care service in the Health Ministry in a statement on Saturday that laboratory tests confirmed the virus ', where the Jordan University Hospital, the injured were isolated and placed in isolation and intensive care for medical care.

The number of cases infected with coronavirus reached 10 died, including 5.

The Director of a hospital in the Central Jordan Valley, Princess Iman Ahmad dialogues one patient isolation room for suspicion of coronavirus.

The dialogues have been sampling from the patient and sent to a central laboratory for confirmation, adding that the patient was admitted to hospital a week after his return from the Holy Land and the symptoms are similar to symptoms of HIV infection.

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