Friday, August 22, 2014

Ireland: HSE Statement – Suspected Ebola Case Tests Negative


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Yesterday (see HSE Statement: Ireland Testing Deceased Traveler From West Africa) we saw an investigation launched into the death of a recently arrived traveler from West Africa.  Today, the HSE has announced that tests have come back negative for Ebola.


22nd August 2014

HSE Statement

The HSE has confirmed that laboratory test samples for an individual, who had recently returned from Africa, has proved negative for Ebola Virus.

Infection control procedures, which had been put in place as a precautionary measure, will now be stepped down.

The HSE expressed its condolences to the individual’s family and friends for their loss.


It has been widely reported this week that more than 5 dozen people have been recently hospitalized, and either examined or tested for Ebola in the United States.  


Of those, none have tested positive for the disease.


Frankly, this is exactly what we want to see.  Aggressive testing, an abundance of caution, and lots of negative results.   


With the threat of a return of MERS this fall with the Hajj, an expected resurgence of avian flu this fall and winter in Asia, and the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Africa – we need to be prepared to see a lot of `suspect cases’ being tested both here in the United States, and around the world.  

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