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Saudi MOH: Ebola Suspect Dies – Lab Tests Pending



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Yesterday, in Saudi MOH: Testing Possible Ebola Suspect, we learned of the isolation and testing of a suspected Ebola case at a hospital in Jeddah.  The patient had recent travel history to Sierra Leone and was exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with infection with a hemorrhagic fever. 

Test results from outside laboratories are still awaited, and so the diagnosis remains uncertain. Today we learn that the patient, who was in critical condition at the time of admission, has died.


A h/t to @MERS_inSaudi for tweeting the link to this MOH report.


Note: Machine translation from the Arabic.

The death of the patient suspected Ebola virus wound Wednesday morning in Jeddah

10 November 1435

Said the medical team treating the death of a patient suspected Ebola virus wound Wednesday morning of August sixth at five-eighth and forty minutes in the morning at the time of the Kingdom of the impact of the patient's heart stops, despite attempts by the medical team to revive.


The case of citizen's health was critical since being admitted to an isolation ward in the intensive care late on Monday.


Hospital and take preparations for the burial of the patient and according to Islamic law, taking into account international standards in dealing with cases of epidemic. And advancing the Ministry of Health sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, asking God to bestow his mercy Poivre and inspires his family patience and solace.


The Ministry of Health, through a team of public health and reporting on the situation since the track's itinerary and his case since he came to the kingdom to be limited to all parties who were in direct contact with the situation since the appearance of the symptoms of the infection to be placed under medical observation.


Still type virus cause infection replaced after survey has shown that the tests conducted on samples of the patient's laboratory specializes in non-injury dengue fever and a host of other species hemorrhagic fever viruses. The Ministry of Health sent in coordination with the World Health Organization patient samples to a number of international laboratories accredited and authorized to perform such tests in both the United States and Germany for the detection of Ebola virus infection.


The patient has been moved by global standards to a specialized hospital equipped units of insulation needed to deal with conditions similar since Monday after it was detected on the situation by the mechanisms for monitoring and reporting of cases of epidemic of the control system of the command and control center at the Ministry of Health. The patient had been after he showed symptoms of haemorrhagic fever after a business trip to Sierra Leone.

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