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Media Reports: Nurse `Infected With Ebola’ In Madrid, Spain




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This story has been making the wires for perhaps an hour now, with more details beginning to filter out.  Based on multiple media reports (I find nothing yet on the Spanish MOH site), one of the nurses who attended the Spanish Missionary who was evacuated to Madrid  and subsequently died in late September has apparently tested positive for the virus.


At this time, we don’t have any information as to what kind of breakdown in infection control procedures might have led to this incident.


There are conflicting reports as to whether only the initial test, or more than one test, have now come back positive (see BBC Ebola: Nurse 'infected in Spain').  Hopefully we’ll get an official statement soon.

If confirmed, this would be the first HCW outside of Africa to contract the virus.  Doubly concerning as her exposure came from a patient who was identified as infected before arriving at the hospital.


This early report from El Mundo. 


A nurse who treated the deceased missionary García Viejo, infected by Ebola

This is one of the nursing assistants who treated religious Viejo Manuel Garcia who died in the Carlos III Hospital on September 25

Spain confirmed the first case of infection by Ebola in Europe ATLAS

Updated: 10/06/2014 18:48 pm

Confirmed the first case of Ebola infection in Spain. This is one of the nursing assistants who attended the religious Manuel García Viejo that was infected in Sierra Leone and was transferred to Spain, Hospital Carlos III, two weeks ago. After four days of hospitalization, died on 25 September.

"The woman came to the University Hospital with fever Alcorcón Foundation and made ​​him the epidemiological evidence. Were sent to Carlos III, under the Ministry of Health Institute. The first result has been positive," They pointed according to medical sources. The second result has confirmed the first test.

As reported by THE WORLD, morning was activated in Alcorcón Hospital medical protocol performance against a possible case of Ebola.

This contagion occurs nine days after the death of García Viejo, who was repatriated on 21 September and died days later after suffering a "deterioration" in the gravity and maintained, to be affected by a "severe dehydration" and hepatic and renal impairment.

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