Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Sandman & Lanard: Ebola Risk Communications




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When it comes to risk communications, Dr. Peter Sandman & Dr. Jody Lanard are both highly sought out experts, and over the years I’ve highlighted their work a number of times (you’ll find a small sampling here, here, here & here) . During a crisis, they not only know what needs to be said, they aren’t afraid to say it.


Their website is an invaluable repository of risk management advice, that quite frankly, should be second home for anyone involved in public relations or risk communications.

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Today (h/t Crof) they’ve posted three long email responses to reporters on Ebola Risk communications that are a `must read’.   Rather than try to pick and choose excerpts, I’ll simply invite you to go to their website to read:


Ebola Risk Communication: Talking about Ebola in Dallas, West Africa, and the World

by Peter M. Sandman and Jody Lanard

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