Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Saudi MOH: 1 New MERS Case In Riyadh

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The Saudi MOH reports a fresh MERS case in Riyadh over the past 24 hours, along with 2 recoveries and two deaths.   While significant number of the recent cases in Taif appear linked to hospital exposures, we have far less information regarding the cases recently reported out of Riyadh. 

Warnings, however, about contact with camels and camel products continue to flow from the Health Ministry.




Of passing note, there is a lot of twitter traffic – strongly denied by the Saudi Government – of large, undisclosed numbers of MERS cases in Taif.   Today, many Arabic language newspapers are carrying these denials. 


The following (machine translated) story comes from http://www.alwaqe.com.


"Health Taif" denies rumors of the 119 cases for "Corona"

04-01-1436 04:31

Reality denied official in the Directorate of Health Affairs in Taif rumors that have been circulating through the means of social communication and some websites source, and refer them to the registration of 119 cases of the virus, Corona, and claimed Nagulwha that the cases reached the large numbers, calling on the people of Taif to the lack of a review of the hospitals.

The source that the cases that have been recorded in the province are advertised location and the Ministry of Health on the following link http: / / Www.moh.gov.sa/ CCC / PressReleases / Pages / default.aspx and added: All the cases have been dealt with special isolation Department Corona virus Hospital King Faisal, a reference for patients to maintain Coruna, urging everyone not to get carried away behind the rumors that will enter the fear and panic among the reviewers. He also noted that the Ministry of Health issued a statement a day shows all cases that are infected with the virus in all parts of the Kingdom

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