Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Webcast Of HCW Ebola Training Session Today – 10 am EDT




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The first tenet of the CDC’s updated Interim Guidance for HCWS on working with Ebola patients stresses the importance of taking training prior to encountering an Ebola patient:

  1. Prior to working with Ebola patients, all healthcare workers involved in the care of Ebola patients must have received repeated training and have demonstrated competency in performing all Ebola-related infection control practices and procedures, and specifically in donning/doffing proper PPE.

With 5,000 hospitals around the nation, and thousands more clinics and healthcare settings, getting this training out to millions of healthcare workers in short order is a major task.  Fortunately, with the internet, training sessions can be shared with thousands of people at a time. 

Today one of those trainings sessions will be webcast live.


GNYHA/1199SEIU HEP and PQC to Host Ebola Educational Session October 21

On October 21, 2014, the GNYHA/1199SEIU Healthcare Education Project (HEP) and the Partnership for Quality Care (PQC) will host an Ebola educational session for health care workers-both clinical and non-clinical-at the Javits Center in New York City. The PQC is a national organization of health care providers and health care workers modeled in part after HEP.

The entire GNYHA family is invited to attend this extremely important event, including non-union institutions, institutions with non-1199SEIU unions (Civil Service Employees Association, DC-37, New York State Nurses Association, United Federation of Teachers, etc.), and our New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island members.

Speakers will include New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Commissioner Mary Bassett, MD, MPH; New York State Department of Health Acting Commissioner Howard Zucker, MD, JD; and infection control experts from CDC and GNYHA member hospitals. There will also be a hands-on demonstration of wearing and removing personal protective equipment.

Visit the GNYHA calendar to register for the October 21 Ebola Educational Session.

UPDATE: The October 21 Ebola Educational Session, hosted by the GNYHA/1199SEIU Healthcare Education Project, and the Partnership for Quality Care is available to live stream on the GNYHA website. The event will begin at 10am EST.

Click here to watch the live stream. 

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