Friday, October 17, 2014

WHO Ebola Roadmap Update – Oct 17th



# 9209


Although there are quite obviously huge gaps in surveillance and reporting from the three hot zone countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the numbers collected by the WHO continue to rise at a staggering rate.  Last Friday the total number of cases sat at 8376 and today that number is 9191 – an increase over more than 800 cases in 7 days.


The real number is anyone’s guess, although many estimates put it at double or triple the official numbers.


The full report is available at:


  • Situation report update - 17 October 2014 pdf, 3.5 Mb

    Anonymous said...

    "an increase over more than 800 cases in 7 days.

    This does not seem to be consistent with the often cited "doubling of cases every 4 weeks"

    Doubling the currently 9000 cases in 4 weeks would require more than 2000 new cases a week)

    Signs of slowdown of the exponential growth ?

    Michael Coston said...

    Possible, but I don't think anyone has much faith that the numbers reported are a good representation of the conditions on the ground.