Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Meanwhile, Back In Egypt . . . .



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Although there are no new confirmed human infections with the H5N1 virus after last week’s mini surge (see Egypt: 2nd H5N1 Fatality In Two Days) the Arabic press this morning is filled with reports of `suspected H5N1 cases’ being hospitalized and tested in several governorates (Qena, Sohag, Gharbia).

FluTrackers has threads on these cases:


Egypt - 2 new suspected bird flu avian influenza H5N1 cases hospitalized for obsevation - Sohag governorate

Egypt - Poultry farm worker hospitalized with high fever and cough as suspected bird flu avian influenza H5N1 case - Qena governorate

Egypt - 2 suspected bird flu avian influenza H5N1 cases hospitalized with high fever & respiratory symptoms - tests pending - Gharbia governorate


While most will probably turn out to be something other than bird flu (cold, flu, viral respiratory infections) local officials are obviously more than a little concerned after the recent spate of human cases, and reports of scores of H5N1 outbreaks in poultry around the country.


Today there are reports that several governorates have declared a `state of emergency’  due to the H5N1 virus, although in many cases this appears to be more of a proactive step than a response to any actual emergency.  The reference to `swine flu’ below is in regards to a recent death of a pregnant woman from seasonal H1N1.


The imposition of a State of emergency to cope with the bird flu and swine in menoufia

11/24/2014 3:52 PM

Dr. Hana pleasure menofiya Health Ministry Undersecretary was the imposition of a State of emergency in the province coincide with the emergence of a positive focus for bird flu in a village migria of Southend and the death of Lady bevirs "seasonal flu, known as swine flu in nearby Lake confirming the availability of all the necessary vaccines hospitals keep pointing out that portfolio free of any swine flu infections.

The pleasure in her remarks Monday that a meeting was held today in the presence of the Director General of preventive medicine Directorate, the Director of the Department of communicable disease control and surveillance officer, and Director of the free treatment, as well as all departmental Directorate, physicians health departments by County directors; during the meeting discussed all the preventive measures in the health service centres either hospitals or health units at all levels (doctors-observers-nursing-health services support).

During the meeting, Sorour noted the need to define the situation and immediately report any suspected cases to the nearest hospital or released as fevers early detection reduces complications in addition to the need to activate positive surveillance for avian influenza and surveillance by official departments, as well as the need for coordination with other actors such as veterinary surveillance of disease and follow-up of contacts of positive spots in birds.


The Egyptian press, which for the past couple of years has been very sedate in its coverage of bird flu, has suddenly awakened and so it is difficult to tell how much credence to give these reports.


Whether the bird flu situation has changed appreciably in Egypt, or simply the willingness of the local media to cover it, remains to be seen.

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