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Meanwhile, Back In Korea . . . .


Korean H5N8 Outbreaks: 2014 – Source Japan’s MAFF


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Given its geographic spread to Europe, Japan, and even North America, it is hard to believe that this time last year HPAI H5N8 wasn’t on anyone’s radar, and was still several weeks away from its debut in South Korea. 


Over the winter and spring, this emergent virus spread quickly across the Korean peninsula, leading to  the deaths and/or culling of roughly 15 million birds.


While there have been some recent scattered reports out of South Korea, so far the bulk of the H5N8 story this fall  has been centered around its arrival in Europe and Japan.  Today, however, there are reports of the virus being detected in a market very near the nation’s capital Seoul.

Avian flu found near Seoul

Yonhap News
By Kim Se-jeong

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) said Sunday that it had discovered the bird flu virus in a chicken sold at a traditional market in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province during a random inspection.

This is the first case of avian influenza confirmed in Gyeonggi Province this winter.

According to the ministry, the H5N8 strain was confirmed Saturday in the chicken sold at Moran Market in Seongnam, where about one million people live. The discovery was made five days after a sample was sent for examination. About 3,200 chickens on sale at the market were culled, and 11 chicken vendors shut down, it said.

The ministry is investigating whether there are any other suspected cases of avian influenza in the Seoul area. The ministry said the infected chicken had been supplied from a farm in Incheon.

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My thanks to to Sharon Sanders of FluTrackers has located the following (syntax challenged translation of theMAFRA report (link below):

AI detected in the course of regular surveillance in Seongnam Moran Market

date 2014-12-28 15: 30: 00

Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Food are always forecasting * December 28 AI course of the match Seongnam material Moran Market detected highly pathogenic AI virus in the poultry sales facilities December 22 of Veterinary Defense Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock Quarantine support for regular surveillance by sampling at the Headquarters were inspected at the headquarters, December 26 ** H5N8 AI virus has been detected, December 27 announced that the final diagnosis by highly pathogenic. 

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