Saturday, December 27, 2014

Media Reports: H7N9 Case In Hong Kong



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I’ve been holding off for about an hour, hoping that Hong Kong’s CHP would post something official, but apparently Hong Kong’s SFH (Secretary of Food & Health), Dr. Ko Wing-man is in a meeting with the emergency steering committee and will make a statement shortly.


This from


The first cases of H7N9 winter Ko 9:00 See Media

12--27 20:37

Since the winter of our first H7N9 bird flu patient now. The patient was a 68-year-old local woman, with fever and pneumonia symptoms are now admitted to Tuen Mun Hospital intensive care unit in critical condition. Food and Health Secretary Ko Wing-man, being chaired the pandemic contingency plan contingency level Steering Committee meeting will meet the media at the government headquarters in 21:00.


Additional reports include this from RTHK.

Local woman in critical condition dye H7N9 fever and pneumonia symptoms

2014-12-27 20:27 HKT

A 68-year-old local woman confirmed cases of H7N9 bird flu, now in Tuen Mun Hospital intensive care unit in the hospital in critical condition with fever and pneumonia symptoms.

It is understood that the female patient visited on the 13th of this month to visit friends, Longgang, Shenzhen, and has been eating chicken, poultry have friends near home, but the patient is not in direct contact with poultry, have not been to downtown. The patient returned to Hong Kong today, after a week of fever, had a private doctor, until the day before yesterday to Tuen Mun Hospital accident and emergency treatment, she did not accompany her husband to Shenzhen, the family did not have any symptoms.


I’ll have an update from the CHP when it becomes available.

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