Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Egyptian Media Reports Additional H5N1 Cases & Deaths



**** UPDATED 0600 hrs 1/28/15 **** 

The Egyptian Ministry of Health has posted an update HERE that confirms the media cases reported below, but which does not update the YTD numbers.


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The last Egyptian Ministry of Health H5N1 update that included YTD totals (number of cases, recoveries, under treatment & deaths) was posted last Thursday (see Egypt’s MOH Confirms 21st H5N1 Case), and at that time they acknowledged 21 cases (8 cases of healing, 7 cases under treatment, and 6 deaths).

Since then we’ve seen numerous media reports of additional cases, but only one  report (see HERE), describing 2 new cases has been posted on the MOH site, noticeably devoid of any updated YTD totals.


Today the Arabic press is once again reporting new cases and deaths, but missing from nearly all of these reports is any mention of a YTD total.  One notable exception comes from http://akhbarelyom.com, which reports 31 cases, and 10 deaths for the year. 


Whether this reflects an `official’ number, or is based on their own scorekeeping isn’t stated. It is, however, reasonably close to my `back-of-the-envelope’  list based on recent media reports. 


According to this report, there are three new cases (1 fatal), and two patients have recovered and been released from the hospital.  As always, caveat lector.  I offer this more to illustrate that new cases continue to be reported by the Egyptian media, than as a definitive case count.


Hopefully we’ll get some kind of `catch up’ report from the MOH, or the WHO, that will clarify the situation.

The death of the 10 situation of bird flu and injuries to 31

Ministry of Health announced the death of a new case of bird flu, the old lady is 31 years old, from Giza governorate.

The ministry said in a statement Tuesday, January 27th injuring two cases of bird flu, the first lady at the age of 34 years, from the eastern province, are still under treatment in hospital issued Zagazig; the second case of a child at the age of 4 years, from the Cairo governorate, and is still under treatment in hospital Tamiflu drug.

The ministry also announced the exit and cure cases of bird flu, the first case of a child at the age of 6 years, the Cairo governorate, and the second case of a girl at the age of 20 years from the Cairo governorate also.

It is worth mentioning that this brings the number of people with bird flu since the beginning of 2015 to 31 patients died, including 10 cases.

And calls on the Ministry of Health to citizens who deal with poultry immediately go to the nearest hospital for medical service in the case of the emergence of symptoms of influenza them where to receive the injured bird flu drug Tamiflu within the first 24 hours of the onset of symptoms increases the cure rates of the disease and reduce mortality rates.

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Some other reports on today’s cases, sans mention of totals, include:


Health: Results of the analyzes of the central laboratory confirms positive H5N1 virus-injury cases

«Health»: Death of a new case b «bird flu» and heal two

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