Friday, January 02, 2015

Egyptian Media Reports New H5N1 Case



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Although no  official announcement has been posted on the Egyptian Ministry of Health Website as yet, multiple Arabic news sources are reporting the `first H5N1 case of 2015’ – that of a 4 year old girl from the Eastern Province who is reportedly in stable condition.  


There is also word that a 42 year-old man, diagnosed last month with the virus, has died and reports of some kind of `riot’ at a local hospital over the death of a bird flu patient. 


«Health»: injury to a child «bird flu» in East

Announced the Ministry of Health, on Friday, the discovery of the first case of infection «bird flu», in 2015, of a girl at the age of 4 years from the eastern province.

She said the ministry, in a statement on Friday that the child was suffering from a high fever and cough, and went to the Tenth of Ramadan Hospital, and was suspected of being infected with HIV «bird flu», has been making the necessary medical tests, pointing out that as a result of a positive sample for «flu Birds », stressing that the general medical condition is stable, despite the Abbasid converted to a hospital.

It also announced «Health» for the death of the case that have been discovered from Ashmun Menofia and disease infected «bird flu», pointing out that they are mentioned at the age of 42 years

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In a related story,  there are reports in the Arabic press of a disturbance at a local hospital when armed relatives of a patient who died there, apparently suspected of having H5N1,  assaulted the premises.  The reports are sketchy, but a couple reports include:



The doctors accused of negligence and.

The LRA allows people with bird flu in Mahala broke into hospital chest weapons

Friday 02/Jan/2015-04: 50 pm

Saw the chest hospital in Jiddah, Western Province, on Friday, the dozens of people sick of Zifta heavily armed white and firearms storming the doors and smash the contents of emergency departments and to denounce the death of nglthm, from bird flu and the failure of officials at the hospital and not diverted for treatment in Cairo, demanding speedy check-out in preparation for burial.

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Western security controlled riot chest hospital deceased compatriots mahalla

Friday 02/Jan/2015-05: 52 pm

Western Western-dominated security printing-Mohammed AWF

Security services in mahalla to control violence in mahalla on Tuesday released hospital after dozens of relatives of a patient who died in the hospital from being infected by bird flu, accused management of negligence and failure to remedy the situation which led to the deterioration of her health and her death.

General Osama bedier Western security Director has received a notice Friday, with dozens of relatives of deceased lady called Nahla Ahmed Gamal "45-year-old resident of the town of Zifta sea Street broke into a hospital in mahalla, the Emergency Department and the Office of the Director of the hospital, Dr. Ali El-Shafei and Dr. Mohammad Haider carrying knives and sticks and smashing desks and doors in an attempt to assault them in protest against the death of their relative was being held in hospital for treatment after being infected with the bird flu virus accused hospital staff of inaction and neglect and not converted A hospital therapy Abbasid in Cairo.

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