Sunday, January 11, 2015

Oman Reports 2nd MERS Case of 2015




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On Thursday we learned that after a year with no reported cases,  Oman Reported their 3rd Coronavirus Case.  Today, the Oman News Agency reports discovery of another case – a contact of the 3rd case – who is reportedly hospitalized in stable condition.  

The relationship of this patient (family member, HCW, etc.)  to the previous one is not mentioned.




Muscat on January 11/Oman/Ministry of Health said in a statement issued today confirmed its New corona virus causes AIDS Middle East to total injuries 

The Sultanate to four cases since the outbreak of the virus.

It should be noted that this case is for one of the contacts for the advertised by several Days, and the situation is stable and in remarkable improvement and are subject to the control and treatment in the hospital Reference.

The Ministry emphasizes continued its efforts to control and fight the disease through effective epidemiological surveillance system And the readiness of all the reference hospitals for dealing with such cases.

It commends the role of the community in contributing to the prevention of the spread of certain infectious diseases to infections The need for preventive action and follow healthy habits when sneezing and coughing, the maintained Public and personal hygiene, especially hand hygiene, since even today there is no vaccine or Specific treatment for the disease.

It also advises caution when dealing with animals and especially beauty. Emphasis on people Suffering from respiratory symptoms as influenza or flu a health behaviours when Sneezing and coughing and keep a distance away from the others and avoid mixing them.



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