Friday, January 16, 2015

Referral: VDU On MERS In HCWs


Credit Dr. Ian Mackay VDU Blog 


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Dr. Ian Mackay has a new post up today that looks at the unusually high number of Health Care Workers infected with the MERS coronavirus over the past three years. 


As he points out, HCWs are considered `canaries’ in the coalmine, and when those who are supposed to be taking special care not to get infected continue to fall prey to the virus, it is considered a potential red flag.

Along with his patented graphics, Ian provides some excellent commentary the shedding for 42 days of the virus by an infected, but asymptomatic nurse, and how that might help explain some of the community infections for which there is no obvious exposure.


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MERS-CoV snapdate on canaries...

MERS-CoV detections among healthcare workers (HCWs)

HCWs are akin to the canary in the coal mine - when HCWs get sick with a particular bug, this can signal that the bug may well be more active in the the wider community.

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