Tuesday, February 17, 2015

CIDRAP/Wellcome Trust: Recommendations For Accelerating The Development Of Ebola Vaccines

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While the Ebola outbreak in West Africa has slowed, it is far from ended, and the specter of future outbreaks still remains, even when this epidemic ends.  The best hope for reducing the impact of future outbreaks – particularly among healthcare providers – is the development of a safe and effective vaccine.


Today CIDRAP has announced the publication of a major (84 page PDF) expert committee report (Recommendations  for Accelerating the Development of Ebola Vaccines: Report & Analysis),  co-chaired by by Wellcome Trust Director Jeremy Farrar and CIDRAP Director Michael Osterholm that offers 48 specific recommendations for reaching that goal.


Follow the link below to read the summary, and to download the entire report.



Recommendations for Accelerating the Development of Ebola Vaccines: Report & Analysis


Feb 17, 2015 – The ongoing and devastating Ebola epidemic in West Africa has galvanized the will and resources of the international community toward an unprecedented goal: to make and deliver safe, effective vaccines that protect against Ebola virus disease in record time.

To help address this crucial public health undertaking, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) at the University of Minnesota and the Wellcome Trust today published "Recommendations for Accelerating the Development of Ebola Vaccines: Report & Analysis" to analyze the issues and challenges involved and offer expert recommendations.

The report represents careful, in-depth synthesis and advice from an international panel of 26 experts in public health, medicine, bioethics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and humanitarian relief convened by the Wellcome Trust and CIDRAP.

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