Thursday, February 05, 2015

Saudi MOH: 2 MERS Cases In Riyadh



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It isn’t clear why, but the timing of the Saudi MOH’s daily MERS updates have been highly variable the past week or so, with the last two installments showing up a least 12 hours later than usual on the MOH website.  


Today (well, technically yesterday) the MOH is reporting two more cases, one of which is listed as a Health Care Worker.  Both are ex-pats, and both are listed in `stable’ condition.


Curiously, the HCW isn’t listed as having contact with a suspected or confirmed case in a hospital or clinic.  The amount of information provided by these updates is minimal, at best, and so we’ll have to wait for the WHO update for more details.



Of the 26 cases reported by the MOH since the start of the year, more than half have been reported out of Riyadh.

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